5 sept. 2014

Scourge of the Sea!

I created a pirate-themed collectible art series for NeonMob.  The entire collection had 24 illustrations, though I've just included a small sample of the illustrations below.

Since my childhood, I've always loved everything related to pirates. The treasure islands and pirate characters I imagined while playing with my toy pirate boat were just so "drawable." This collection definitely reminds me of my childhood. :)
To create this collection, I first drew some freeform sketches without thinking too much about what I wanted to draw. I then picked a few sketches that looked appropriate and cleaned them up with ink and markers. Then, I colored them in digitally. The whole collection took about a month to create, though I discarded many of the images because they did not match what I had in mind. I had such a great time making them!
Also, you can read an interview I did with NeonMob on the process and my life. 
- Jotaká

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